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Submit Photos

Professional photographers and photojournalists from all over the world are encouraged to submit photos to Sowar Magazine.


Submission Guidelines

Sowar Magazine publishes photoessays about topics related to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).
If you have already worked on a specific photoessay that you'd like to have published, please send a link to your photoessay (or low-resolution samples of your pictures) to info[at]sowarmag[dot]com and we will respond back with our comments.


Presentation Overview

Sowar Magazine only publishes photos which are presented as part of a theme or portfolio (i.e. we do not publish stand-alone photos). Each photoessay would include the following:

• A title
• Overall descriptive text (1-2 short paragraphs that describe the photoessay, including some background information)
• A selection of 12 – 18 pictures
• Captions (1-2 short sentences that describe each picture)

Sowar Magazine also publishes your portrait, biography and your website link for prospective clients and agencies to get in touch with you.


If you have any questions, please email us at info[at]sowarmag[dot]com