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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Are there any sample photos and comments you can refer me to?
A: We have plenty of references that explain what we’re looking for. The most obvious is a previous issue of Sowar Magazine (you can have a look at the Sample Issue).

Q: I take a lot of artistic shots, such as pattern or abstract photography, is that what you're looking for?
A: Sowar Magazine is not about photography. It is about journalistic and documentary photography. Photography is mainly about great-looking pictures. Journalistic and documentary photography is about telling the reader a story through great-looking pictures. The pictures you submit need to be a part of a photoessay, theme or portfolio that have some informative accompanying text.

Q: What information do you need with regards to the comments?

A: It depends on the picture, but the more descriptive you can be, the better. Information that is required includes:

• Date
• Location
• Name of person(s) in pictures
• Comments about the picture, including any stories behind the shot

Q: Will I be paid for the photos?
A: We currently do not pay photographers for their pictures. However, you retain the full copyright of the photos, and you get marketing exposure for your name, work and URL.

Q: Will my name be displayed on the photos?

A: Yes, your name will be posted next to the pictures that you take and we choose to publish. We will also publish your portrait, biography, and a link for individuals to get in touch with you.

Q: Who owns the copyright to the pictures that I take?

A: You own the full rights to your photos. We don't pay for any photos so we don't own any of the rights to them.

Q: Do the pictures have to be taken only in countries in the Middle East or North Africa?
A: No, the focus of Sowar Magazine is on events, scenes and people about the greater Middle East and North Africa, so we would consider publishing photodocumentaries about people from those regions, but living abroad (e.g., USA, Canada, Australia, China)

Q: How do I learn more about any Sowar Magazine updates (such as distribution dates)?

A: We are all over the web, including Facebook and Twitter

Q: How do I contact Sowar Magazine?

A: Please email us at the following address for any questions or comments about the magazine or submission guidelines: